Longkang Fish Wild Guppy

Guppy (Poecilia reticulata) are not native to Malaysia, but was introduce here long time ago as a means of mosquito control . Until this day, wild guppies can be still found thriving in the drain locally here. Hence the name "longkang fish" which literally mean "drain fish". As a kid, I used to take my fishing net and go "scoop" out some of these fish at my grandparents' place near Johor.

Wild guppy can be bought easily from the local fish shop as they were sold as feeder fish. RM1(USD0.30) = 100+ fishes. If you are lucky, you can bought some quite pretty one too.

wild guppy

wild guppy
It had metallic blue and metallic yellow, can't really see in the photo.

wild guppy
Another fish.


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