Aquatic Plants in My Low Tech Aquarium

One of my many hobby since young, aquarium! Will be updating this blog about my adventure in low tech planted fresh water aquarium. Only holland sand (gravel) and T5 Lighting, no CO2 and soil.

low tech tank
2013 February - 2 months old aquarium.

low tech tank
2013 May - Rescape.

low tech tank
2013 November - Algae Attack

low tech tank
2014 January - Even more algae, plants are growing but fish are dying.

Base on my experience so far, plants that had grow in my low tech tank:
  • Echinodorus Tennellus/Sagittaria Subulata - Will grow and spread slowly. In emerge form, they tend to grow broader leaves
  • Echinodorus Cordifolius - Will grow
  • Unnamed haigrass - Refer to 2nd PIC (2013 May), plants at the right back. Will grow and take over your tank, refer to my last picture (2014 Jan), plants at left back
  • Annubias - Will grow, but algae tend to grow on their leaves

Some of the plants that I fail to grow in my tank:
  • Java Fern - The leaves turn dark/black color after a while, it seems like  the T5 lighting is killing them. I had one in a low light aquarium, and it is surviving.
  • Java Moss - Will grow, but algae will kill them pretty quick
  • Elodea/Anacharis - Will not grow if there are not enough light. But it can grow outdoor quite easily, I had some that are flowering in my outdoor pot.
  • Cabomba - Same as Elodea, will not grow if  there are not enough light. But you can grow them outdoor easily
  • Hydrocotyle Sibthorpioides - Will not grow, but you can plant them emerge easily.

* I am not expert in planted tank, so dont take my words too seriously.


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