Tetra vs Guppy

Base on personal experience, I have better luck of keeping tetra fish for a longer time. Guppy are easy to keep and breed as well, but are more sensitive to water condition.

Emperor Tetra
Emperor Tetra.

Harlequin Rasbora
Harlequin Rasbora.

neon tetra
Neon Tetra and a transparent glass tetra.

algae eater fish
Algae eater (back) and cichlid (front). Suprisingly, cichlid is more effective in cleaning algae compare with algae eater fish. It also eat algae that grow on the plants too, but tend to uproot hairgrass. Only problem is it will become aggresive towards other fish as it grow bigger.

outdoor guppy pond
Outdoor "pond".

wild guppy
Close up view of the wild guppies.