Best non CO2 aquatic plant Water Sprite

Water Sprite is another great plants for a low tech tank without CO2. This plant will grow in most condition even in warm temperature aquarium where other easy plants like Java moss tends to have problem.

Water Sprite look similar with Water Wisteria in submersed form. But when we grow both plants emersed, Water Wisteria will change it leaves to a normal shape leaf. In my own tank setup (no CO2, holland sand, warm temperature), Water Sprite seem to be a easier plants to keep compare with Water Wisteria.

Water Sprite
Comparing with "easy" plants like java moss, Water sprite in my tank look more healthy and I live in South East Asia where Java moss is native plants.

Water Sprite
Emersed form of Water Sprite under direct sunlight. When you start growing them emersed, it is better to keep them away from direct sunlight.